Monday, 23 May 2016



Hunar: An initiative of Sambhava Foundation in collaboration with Bunyaad Foundation


Coming from a disadvantaged family in the small pockets of Delhi, Priya, like many other girls wanted to take up a job to support her family. But lack of skills and linkages to the job market was hampering her growth. Project HUNAR became her stepping stone. She was trained and given knowledge about various aspects of this industry and she landed up at Café Coffee Day (Greater Kailash) as a level one employee. She enjoys her work as a coffee maker and appreciates the efforts put in by her mentors who are their for her whenever she faces some trouble. Her enthusiasm towards her work is commendable.


Twenty one year old Preeti dreamt of pursuing higher education but didn't want to trouble her already burdened family of 10 members. So, she decided to take up a job first and then go for higher education and that’s where project HUNAR held her hand, trained her and finally got her placed at Reliance Fresh. She is quite happy about her training and the placement as she is able to support her family and at the same time has enough time to study further.

"It is all because of Sambhava and Bunyaad foundation who provided me with this opportunity. organizations like Sambhava Foundation really make us believe that their are still people who cares for the poor like us. When I had no where to go, Bunyaad selected me and gave me skills which has fetched me a job today. I am really thankful to both the organizations" 

 Her positive attitude will surely take her places and she can inspire millions of girls who quit.   


This 21 year old has no plans of getting married any time soon unlike her counterparts. She wanted to finance her education and move up the ladder. She got to know of project Hunar and contacted Bunyaad Foundation. Meenakshi was trained and placed at Max  Fashion, in women section.
" I got in touch with Bunyaad and got to know of their skills training project supported by Sambhava. I went through various counselling sessions and opted Retail Management Course. The whole idea of undergoing this training program was to start earning through a job which I enjoy. Now, I have started saving money for my  education"  

Although, she has some issues at her workplace but she is sure will be resolved soon. Meenakshi is now pursuing a Bachelors degree and plans to do her Masters. Such girls can truly be an inspiration for those who lose hope because they belong to less fortunate families.


Priyanka never wanted to burden her family of 5 members with the responsibility of financing her education. So, she decided to help herself. To pursue higher education, she first decided to find a job and make some money. She took help from Sambhava and Bunyaad Foundation project HUNAR and got a job at Café Coffee Day (Saket), as level I employee. She is very happy and satisfied with her job as she is now able to fund her education. She is doing her B.A. Prog from Delhi University and is a perfect example of how determination can take you places.


This young girl is the only working member in her family and has the responsibility of educating her siblings as well. But this does not break her spirit of moving towards her dreams of being educated. She is thankful that she got to know of Bunyaad Foundation and through their project HUNAR, Aarti successfully got a job at a Max outlet and is satisfied with her job except for a small issue at her workplace. She says she is confident that her mentors will find a solution. This ambitious girl plans to finish her graduation and pursue Masters after that. Her spirit to make it big is invincible.  

Monday, 29 February 2016

Bobby- The Go Getter!!

Bobby, 20 years old, lives with her mother and 2 sisters. Her father expired long time back leaving behind a family of 4 people to be looked after. Her mother, Rajkumari Devi, showed extreme courage and worked hard to get both ends meet.  One thing that she learned on this journey was the importance of education and economic independence. Hence, she made sure all 3 daughters attend regular school and eventually carve their way to success. It was due to her efforts that Bobby was able to complete her 12th  class but factors like inflation and age made it difficult for Rajkumari to hold the financial burden of education. Bobby was not able to get herself enrolled for graduation owing to the financial constraint.

“But God has His way and I got to know of “Hunar”. I was in need of employment, and the course mentioned by Bunyaad and Sambhava looked promising and interesting to me, I got enrolled for the Retail Associate course. And see, today I am earning more than INR 8000 per month. I will ensure  that my sisters don’t discontinue their studies due to money constraint”- says Bobby.

“Bobby has always been a punctual and serious student. She picked up things fast and was able to crack the interview in the fast go”- trainer from Bunyaad.

Sambhava is really happy and proud to announce that she is now working with V Mart with a salary of INR 8000.